Friday, February 1, 2013

An update for you!!

Hello!  Well, you may think that I have forgotten about you, but I haven't. :)  I just needed to take a little blogging break.

Let's recap the last 6 months...

July/August:  I went to visit my good friends, John & Esther, and had a wonderful four day visit with them.  We went out to eat, relaxed and just had a lovely time together.  I love going to visit with them!  In August, I also decided that it was probably time to find a new endocrinologist (a thyroid doc).  My old doctor moved away, so I had to search for a new one.  Unfortunately, they are hard to find in this area of the country, so it took me a few weeks to find one that was accepting new patients.  I found one, though, and had my first appointment with her.  She's great!  I'm very elated that she is willing to take me on as a patient! :)
(Me, Esther, John - July 2012)
September:  School started at the University, so this month was very busy!  I had decided to take a class in the fall semester, too, so I got started on that.  After the first week, though, I decided that I didn't want to take a class after all, so I dropped it and enjoyed another semester off! :)  Oh, and September started off with a visit from Mom & Dad, so that was great, as well.  I love it when Mom & Dad visit me. :)  And even though I had decided not to take a class this semester, I did decide that I wanted to take a chance and apply to a Master's program!!  I applied to the Master of Arts in Adult & Postsecondary Education at the University where I work.  My ultimate goal is to keep being an academic advisor to college students and this degree would only help me with that.  Plus, my job will pay for a class a semester, so why not?!? :)
October:  I spent this month getting ready for our "advising week" that occurs every semester.  It's when the students meet with their advisor to decide which classes to take in the upcoming semester(s).  It's always a busy time for me!  But in the midst of it all, I found out that I was ACCEPTED to the Master's program that I applied for!!!  YAHOO!!!  In the next instant after reading my acceptance letter, though, I thought, "What have I done!?"  haha!  I started making plans, though, to begin the program in January 2013.
November:  After advising week in the last week of October, I spend the next month catching up.  With the upcoming holidays, too, I just kept busy getting ready and making plans.  I had a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoyed the actual day.  The day after Thanksgiving, though?  I got the flu!  I was down and out for 5 days and felt miserable the entire time.  It wasn't fun.  I finally went back to work the Wednesday after Thanksgiving.
December:  My birthday month!  And Christmas!  And my visit home/family in WI!  December is a busy, wonderful month!  Unfortunately, I felt crummy most of the month.  The Thanksgiving flu was a nasty one (that still seems to be going around with everyone right now!) and I really didn't feel well until half way through December.  I then flew to WI on the 18th and then on the 20th, I came down with a cold.  It was one of the worst colds that I've had in years!  It lasted almost three weeks and I felt crummy most of the time.  On the 21st, Dad got the flu and was down & out for three days.  On the 25th, my brother, Luke, got the flu.  Good grief, it just didn't end!  Mom was the lucky one and didn't catch it, thank goodness. :)  We all recovered enough, though, to enjoy meeting my brother's girlfriend on the 29th, so that was nice.  Any other visiting on that trip, though, didn't happen because of how miserable I felt and because of everyone getting the flu.  It was a bummer. :(
January:  This month was spent transitioning back to work after Christmas break and then getting the spring semester going.  We're finishing our third week of classes this week and I still don't feel like it's slowed down at all.  I'm still SO BUSY!!  I also started my first Master's class and I am thoroughly enjoying it.  It keeps me VERY busy, but I really am enjoying what I'm learning (the class is Adult Education Movement in the US).  I've also started preparing for my cancer check-up coming up in February/March.  I meet with the Doctor on Feb. 12 to find out what's going to happen and how we're going to approach this.  If I'm cleared this year, then I get four years off!  Yahoo!  Keep your fingers crossed! :)
So, there's been lots going on and I've certainly kept busy!  I have enjoyed the blogging break, but since I'm having my cancer tests this year, I decided I should post a bit until that's over with.  After that, who knows.  I don't get as much enjoyment from blogging as I used to, actually, so who knows what will happen.  I've gone over to the world of Facebook and I have loved it!  It's been so wonderful to be in touch with SO MANY people again and I do really enjoy it.  So, that's why I've not minded my blogging break because I see so much of what's going on with other people through facebook and I've been keeping in touch with a lot of folks that way, too.  We'll see how long I can keep up this blogging thing again.  Please don't hold your expectations too high, though!  haha!  All for now!  Hope you're doing great, wherever you are! :)


Mo said...

Wow!! I'm glad I was sitting down when I discovered there was an update on your blog - heehee! ;) Fun new blog look and nice to read your update!! Boo facebook for stealing your blog mojo - ha! :) We'll enjoy your updates while they last!

Anonymous said...

Keep blogging! Not everyone (me) does facebook! ;-p


cheyest said...

Surprise! I haven't spent much time on blogs recently (Mo's updates come in email so I don't even usually go to her blog site) so was surprised to see you had updated. Love it. So tomorrow is your doc appointment. Wonder how all will go and we're keeping our fingers and toes crossed that you will get a good report. Will the tests be in Ft. Collins? Have you got a place to hang your hat for the duration? Remembering the times you were with us.

We still haven't seen Tate so maybe we can arrange something when the weather moderates to get up to see the 3 H's. We could meet in Miles City or something. If we can't make it that far north maybe they will be taking a trip to Billings and we could meet for a weekend there. Suppose you saw them last week though.

John & Esther

Anna said...

Thanks for the update on the blog!!! As a non facebooker I likewise enjoy your updates here!!

Anonymous said...

Great picture of you three! I haven't even been checking your blog because I thought you were shutting it down. Glad you didn't. :)

grmasusie said...

Loved reading your blog again! Keep it up!
Susie W