Tuesday, June 26, 2012

And they've left... :(

My parents left yesterday morning.  I was very sad.  :(  Here's how the day went...

Mom & Dad were up at 4 AM to head out the door by 5 AM.  This is how I looked yesterday morning at 4:30 AM (minus the coffee cup):

I was so sad to see mom & dad pull out and drive away, but I was tired enough that about two minutes after they left, I looked like this:

I got up around 8 AM and went to work and, thankfully, I only had one moment in the evening where I looked like this (I was by myself, so no one witnessed the meltdown, thank goodness):

It's always great to have mom & dad here.  I'm so sad that we live so far apart from each other (my fault!), but I'm so glad that they take time to come and see me!!  I always love their visits and am sad to see them go.  I am doing much better today and feel more like my normal self again, thank goodness.  So, I'll be glad for the memories and I'll just look forward to the day when we live closer to each other again. :)

We had a great time while they were here, but we really didn't do much of anything except shop and take a road excursion through the mountains.  Other than that, we just rested and relaxed.  It was nice!  I'm glad that they can come here and just relax like that.  It didn't help, either, that it was SO hot while they were here!!  We're not big fans of hot weather, so most times we ended up feeling like we didn't want to do anything except stay in front of the fans!  haha!  But we enjoyed our time together and had fun.  I love them very much! :)

All for now!!


Linda said...

So glad your folks came to see you. Was nice to see your Mom at Chugwater. I am enjoying dear little Harper Anne. Enjoy the rest of your week.

Crystal & Warner said...

Hot!? Was it over 100* ;) Oh how I miss Laramie's beauty and weather. AND Oh how I miss my Jenny-Jen!!!

Glad your folks came to visit; still as hard here to get mine to visit here as it was in Laramie!

Well lil man's on the 3rd shelf up gotta go! ;) now he has my mop. :D