Friday, May 4, 2012

Busy as a bee!

The title of this blog post pretty much sums things up since my last post!  From birthday parties, to potlucks, to graduations, to work, and then company at my house, I have been BUSY!!  But it's all been a "good busy," so I'm not complaining!! :)

Tomorrow, we have four college students from our church group who are graduating from college, so there's going to be a party in the afternoon for them.  It's always a bittersweet sad to see them go, but wouldn't want to hold them back from where they're headed to next!  I have to be excited for them for the next phase of life, too.

Well, it had been four weeks since I applied for that job in Wisconsin and I hadn't heard back so I e-mailed them.  They wrote back and said that they had conducted phone interviews (I never got called) and that they were getting ready for on-campus interviews.  *sigh*  She said, "If we complete the interviews and no one is hired, we will re-review the applications we received."  So I stand maybe a 1% chance of someone NOT being hired and THEN they call me?!?  haha!  Probably not going to happen, so I'm back to being content with being HERE for awhile longer. :)

I revisited the Master's degree thing again this week!  I decided that I need to pay off some debt before I could even consider getting a degree.  Some of you who have facebook have already seen this, but what I discovered is that when I did a loan calculator thing and figured out a loan for $23000 (the cost of tuition for the degree I'm interested in) at 6.8% for 10 years, my monthly payment would be $265. That's a lot better than I thought it would be! But I can't afford that right now with the current debt I have, so I'm going to work on that first and then reconsider in two years. :)  I also discovered that a 10 year loan at 6.8% tacks on about $8,000 in interest. A 20 year loan would cut my monthly payment down to $175/month, also tack's on over $19,000 in interest. YIKES!  Regardless, if I do ANY kind of loan like that for something like this, I need to be a little better with the debt I have, so that's what I'm working on now!  If only the University had a Master's program that I really liked, then I could just take a class at a time and make THEM pay for it (it's a perk of my job!).  Hmmm...maybe I'll have to FIND a Master's degree with them that I'm happy with.  haha! :)  In the meantime, I might take a course in the fall, just for fun.  Maybe that will take care of even wanting to go back to school for a Master's degree.  hahaha! :)

Well, I have to be to work tomorrow at 7:15 AM to help with the graduation ceremony, so I should sign off here and get to bed.  I hope you're doing great and having good days!

PS -- For those of you with blogs, this new blogger update has really confused me with figuring out everything again.  Every time I log in to make a new post, it takes me about 5 minutes to find the dumb button that allows me to even MAKE a post!  haha!  Change is good (sometimes!), but why do they have to be so drastic about it and make it complicated?!?!  I imagine I'll figure it out, but for now... me no likey. :)


Anonymous said...

Everyone here is sad that you aren't coming back home. Oh well....maybe next time. mom

grmasusie said...

And....everyone here is GLAD you are not leaving!! It is a win win situation either way!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jen, I am glad you aren't leaving. I know it is disappointing to not get an interview...not yet anyway...but I trust it will all work out. :-) I am glad you are a "busy bee"! Have a good week. Linda

Mo said...

Hi Jen! I was wondering about the WI job status - so thanks for the blog update!! I can see how WI folks are sad and how the folks around you are glad for the results. I thought of you all LOTS this week-end with graduation and missed being there more than I have in quite a long time. Lonesome for all of you and good ol L-town :) Hugs! Have a great week!

Jeanette said...

Sorry about the job thing!The right job will come along...just be patient.

I agree....I no likey the new blogger either!

Anita said...

Me, too- sorry about the WI job disappointment... but don't lose heart. :)
I'm not so fond of the new blogger format, either... not at ALL!