Thursday, June 27, 2013

Cancer check-up 2013

Yes, I know it's been since February when I posted.  I'm sure no one is even reading anymore!  But for the few family and friends that do check in, I wanted to let you know that it was time for my thyroid cancer check-up this month (the full test) and it came back clear!  I'm still cancer free!!  YAHOO!!!  It's now seven years that I've been cancer free.  WONDERFUL.  It makes my heart happy! :)

Mom & Dad have been here this week (well, mom has been here since June 12 and dad showed up on Sunday) and so they were able to come to my appointment with me today and meet my doctor.  That made me happy, too. :)

I am now cleared for four years and don't have to do any in-depth testing until 2017.  I'll still have appointments with the doctor every six months, though, and I'm glad to know that I'll be keeping in touch with her.  This is a new doc that I have and so I wasn't sure what to expect in regard to how she wanted to handle testing.  It turns out that she feels very confident with the status of my bloodwork (and all other tests) over the last few years, so she decided that I didn't have to do the "normal" testing procedure that I've gone through before (diet, full body scans, bloodwork, etc.).  Instead, I was able to have an ultrasound on my neck to look for any tumors, have a couple of thyrogen injections to elevate my thyroid levels (without requiring me to stop taking my thyroid meds...MUCH easier on the body and soul!!), and then have some bloodwork done and that was it!  She felt very comfortable with doing the testing in this manner this year and said that if any of these numbers would have been elevated, then we'd revert to the "old" testing method.  All of my numbers were good, though, and I've been cleared again!  YAHOO!  :) 

This doc will continue to monitor my bloodwork, along with doing regular ultrasounds on my neck, so I really do trust her methods of doing things.  I just feel SO relieved that everything came out okay! :)

As far as this blog goes...I've been debating about quitting (which is obvious by my lack of posting).  Now that I'm actually writing another post, though, I'm tempted to keep going with it!  Ha! :)  So, we'll see how it goes.  Don't hold your expectations too high for seeing regular posts from me, but maybe I'll put up a post now and again. :)  Hope you're doing well wherever you're at!! :)

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Saturday Update!

Hello!  Life has sure kept me busy over the last three weeks.  Working on a Master's degree is kind of time consuming!  I've learned that I have something of a love/hate relationship with the degree.  One day I love it and the next day I hate it.  Ha!  :)  I'm learning a lot, though, so that's a good thing.

Two weeks ago I had a doctor's appointment.  It's time for my cancer check-up!  This doctor I have is a new one, though, so I wasn't really sure what she'd want me to do for my testing.  It turns out that I don't have to go as in-depth with the testing as I usually do!  Usually I will have some bloodwork done and then a full body scan, all after I've been on a special low-iodine diet for a month.  This year, though, I only have to have the bloodwork done!!  YAHOO!  She said that I don't have to do the diet (YAHOO!!!!!) and then I will have a shot on Monday (of overrides my thyroid medicine without actually putting me through the effects of not being on thyroid medicine), a shot on Tuesday (thyrogen, again), bloodwork on Wednesday and then bloodwork again on Friday.  If everything looks good with the bloodwork, then I'm DONE.  If something is suspicious with the bloodwork, though, then I will have to do the diet and full body scan.  But I just know that everything will be a-okay! :o)  I'm planning to do all of this testing in June.

So, that's what I've been up to!  Nothing extra special, but enough "stuff" that the days and weeks go by quickly.  But, I'm okay with that, too.  I'm kind of over winter right now and would like some nicer weather.  Remind me of this in July when I'm complaining about the heat.  haha!

Hope you're having a good day, wherever you are! :)

Friday, February 1, 2013

An update for you!!

Hello!  Well, you may think that I have forgotten about you, but I haven't. :)  I just needed to take a little blogging break.

Let's recap the last 6 months...

July/August:  I went to visit my good friends, John & Esther, and had a wonderful four day visit with them.  We went out to eat, relaxed and just had a lovely time together.  I love going to visit with them!  In August, I also decided that it was probably time to find a new endocrinologist (a thyroid doc).  My old doctor moved away, so I had to search for a new one.  Unfortunately, they are hard to find in this area of the country, so it took me a few weeks to find one that was accepting new patients.  I found one, though, and had my first appointment with her.  She's great!  I'm very elated that she is willing to take me on as a patient! :)
(Me, Esther, John - July 2012)
September:  School started at the University, so this month was very busy!  I had decided to take a class in the fall semester, too, so I got started on that.  After the first week, though, I decided that I didn't want to take a class after all, so I dropped it and enjoyed another semester off! :)  Oh, and September started off with a visit from Mom & Dad, so that was great, as well.  I love it when Mom & Dad visit me. :)  And even though I had decided not to take a class this semester, I did decide that I wanted to take a chance and apply to a Master's program!!  I applied to the Master of Arts in Adult & Postsecondary Education at the University where I work.  My ultimate goal is to keep being an academic advisor to college students and this degree would only help me with that.  Plus, my job will pay for a class a semester, so why not?!? :)
October:  I spent this month getting ready for our "advising week" that occurs every semester.  It's when the students meet with their advisor to decide which classes to take in the upcoming semester(s).  It's always a busy time for me!  But in the midst of it all, I found out that I was ACCEPTED to the Master's program that I applied for!!!  YAHOO!!!  In the next instant after reading my acceptance letter, though, I thought, "What have I done!?"  haha!  I started making plans, though, to begin the program in January 2013.
November:  After advising week in the last week of October, I spend the next month catching up.  With the upcoming holidays, too, I just kept busy getting ready and making plans.  I had a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoyed the actual day.  The day after Thanksgiving, though?  I got the flu!  I was down and out for 5 days and felt miserable the entire time.  It wasn't fun.  I finally went back to work the Wednesday after Thanksgiving.
December:  My birthday month!  And Christmas!  And my visit home/family in WI!  December is a busy, wonderful month!  Unfortunately, I felt crummy most of the month.  The Thanksgiving flu was a nasty one (that still seems to be going around with everyone right now!) and I really didn't feel well until half way through December.  I then flew to WI on the 18th and then on the 20th, I came down with a cold.  It was one of the worst colds that I've had in years!  It lasted almost three weeks and I felt crummy most of the time.  On the 21st, Dad got the flu and was down & out for three days.  On the 25th, my brother, Luke, got the flu.  Good grief, it just didn't end!  Mom was the lucky one and didn't catch it, thank goodness. :)  We all recovered enough, though, to enjoy meeting my brother's girlfriend on the 29th, so that was nice.  Any other visiting on that trip, though, didn't happen because of how miserable I felt and because of everyone getting the flu.  It was a bummer. :(
January:  This month was spent transitioning back to work after Christmas break and then getting the spring semester going.  We're finishing our third week of classes this week and I still don't feel like it's slowed down at all.  I'm still SO BUSY!!  I also started my first Master's class and I am thoroughly enjoying it.  It keeps me VERY busy, but I really am enjoying what I'm learning (the class is Adult Education Movement in the US).  I've also started preparing for my cancer check-up coming up in February/March.  I meet with the Doctor on Feb. 12 to find out what's going to happen and how we're going to approach this.  If I'm cleared this year, then I get four years off!  Yahoo!  Keep your fingers crossed! :)
So, there's been lots going on and I've certainly kept busy!  I have enjoyed the blogging break, but since I'm having my cancer tests this year, I decided I should post a bit until that's over with.  After that, who knows.  I don't get as much enjoyment from blogging as I used to, actually, so who knows what will happen.  I've gone over to the world of Facebook and I have loved it!  It's been so wonderful to be in touch with SO MANY people again and I do really enjoy it.  So, that's why I've not minded my blogging break because I see so much of what's going on with other people through facebook and I've been keeping in touch with a lot of folks that way, too.  We'll see how long I can keep up this blogging thing again.  Please don't hold your expectations too high, though!  haha!  All for now!  Hope you're doing great, wherever you are! :)

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Happy 4th of July!!!

The 4th of July is my favorite holiday of the year!  Because of the wildfire that is burning nearby and the dry, dry, DRY conditions out, they've canceled the fireworks for this year.  I think they hope to run them later in the summer or something.  I was kind of relieved, actually, because it's just so terribly dry out and I was worried that more fires would start in town.

I'm not sure what I'll end up doing tomorrow.  Sitting around in my pj's and reading a book sounds positively fabulous right about now! : )  But we'll see what the day brings and go from there.

I hope you all have a wonderful and safe 4th of July holiday!!!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

And they've left... :(

My parents left yesterday morning.  I was very sad.  :(  Here's how the day went...

Mom & Dad were up at 4 AM to head out the door by 5 AM.  This is how I looked yesterday morning at 4:30 AM (minus the coffee cup):

I was so sad to see mom & dad pull out and drive away, but I was tired enough that about two minutes after they left, I looked like this:

I got up around 8 AM and went to work and, thankfully, I only had one moment in the evening where I looked like this (I was by myself, so no one witnessed the meltdown, thank goodness):

It's always great to have mom & dad here.  I'm so sad that we live so far apart from each other (my fault!), but I'm so glad that they take time to come and see me!!  I always love their visits and am sad to see them go.  I am doing much better today and feel more like my normal self again, thank goodness.  So, I'll be glad for the memories and I'll just look forward to the day when we live closer to each other again. :)

We had a great time while they were here, but we really didn't do much of anything except shop and take a road excursion through the mountains.  Other than that, we just rested and relaxed.  It was nice!  I'm glad that they can come here and just relax like that.  It didn't help, either, that it was SO hot while they were here!!  We're not big fans of hot weather, so most times we ended up feeling like we didn't want to do anything except stay in front of the fans!  haha!  But we enjoyed our time together and had fun.  I love them very much! :)

All for now!!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

I'm still here!

I'm sorry that I've become such a terrible blogger.  I had been thinking about giving up blogging, but I don't think I will for now.  I just might not post as often.  Every week, though, I'm plagued by, "Oh, I should probably blog this week!!" so please don't think that I never think about blogging!  haha! :)

My mom flies here this Tuesday and I'm very excited about that.  I'll get her all to myself until Father's Day and then Dad will pull into town that day.  They'll both be here together for about a week and will head back to WI after that.  So I'm not sure how much blogging I'll do during their visit, but we'll see.  Of course, after they leave, I'll probably need about two weeks off of blogging just so I can go through my regular bout of depression after parting ways with them.  haha!  Oh, I imagine it won't be that bad, but you get the point...I love seeing them and am always sad to see them go!

Work has kept me extremely busy for quite some time now.  I know that I posted that same song at the beginning of May, but it's true.  As I mentioned before, we've been short-staffed since early March so I've been the only full-time person in the office (usually there's two full-time and one part-time person) and it sure does take a toll on a person.  I feel worn out and tired all the time!  And it doesn't help that I want to "take care" of everything and that I just worry about so many things in the office that need to be done.  I think that is what wears me out the most even though I really DO try to "let it go" at the end of the day and on the weekends.  But it's amazing how it just wears you down.  And for it to be like this week after week after week...well, I'm afraid it puts me in quite a foul mood most of the time.  *sigh*  I am so glad that I have a job and that I like my job (really! I do!), so I don't want to complain about it too much.  It just can't be perfect all the time, can it?  :)

But, on the flip side, I'm so glad for good times with friends on the weekends and in the evenings.  It helps me to keep my perspective and to relax, too.  It's especially great because it usually involves a LOT of laughter and that is always a good de-stresser for a person!!! : )

So, I'm sorry, again, for being such a bad blogger.  I realize that it's been a month since my last post, but it honestly feels like it went by in just a blink of the eye.  With everything going on in the month of June, I'm sure that will happen to me again.  I guess in June I'll just try my best to live IN the moment and to ENJOY each moment and I will let you know all about how it went as soon as I can!! :)  Until then, take care! 

Friday, May 4, 2012

Busy as a bee!

The title of this blog post pretty much sums things up since my last post!  From birthday parties, to potlucks, to graduations, to work, and then company at my house, I have been BUSY!!  But it's all been a "good busy," so I'm not complaining!! :)

Tomorrow, we have four college students from our church group who are graduating from college, so there's going to be a party in the afternoon for them.  It's always a bittersweet sad to see them go, but wouldn't want to hold them back from where they're headed to next!  I have to be excited for them for the next phase of life, too.

Well, it had been four weeks since I applied for that job in Wisconsin and I hadn't heard back so I e-mailed them.  They wrote back and said that they had conducted phone interviews (I never got called) and that they were getting ready for on-campus interviews.  *sigh*  She said, "If we complete the interviews and no one is hired, we will re-review the applications we received."  So I stand maybe a 1% chance of someone NOT being hired and THEN they call me?!?  haha!  Probably not going to happen, so I'm back to being content with being HERE for awhile longer. :)

I revisited the Master's degree thing again this week!  I decided that I need to pay off some debt before I could even consider getting a degree.  Some of you who have facebook have already seen this, but what I discovered is that when I did a loan calculator thing and figured out a loan for $23000 (the cost of tuition for the degree I'm interested in) at 6.8% for 10 years, my monthly payment would be $265. That's a lot better than I thought it would be! But I can't afford that right now with the current debt I have, so I'm going to work on that first and then reconsider in two years. :)  I also discovered that a 10 year loan at 6.8% tacks on about $8,000 in interest. A 20 year loan would cut my monthly payment down to $175/month, also tack's on over $19,000 in interest. YIKES!  Regardless, if I do ANY kind of loan like that for something like this, I need to be a little better with the debt I have, so that's what I'm working on now!  If only the University had a Master's program that I really liked, then I could just take a class at a time and make THEM pay for it (it's a perk of my job!).  Hmmm...maybe I'll have to FIND a Master's degree with them that I'm happy with.  haha! :)  In the meantime, I might take a course in the fall, just for fun.  Maybe that will take care of even wanting to go back to school for a Master's degree.  hahaha! :)

Well, I have to be to work tomorrow at 7:15 AM to help with the graduation ceremony, so I should sign off here and get to bed.  I hope you're doing great and having good days!

PS -- For those of you with blogs, this new blogger update has really confused me with figuring out everything again.  Every time I log in to make a new post, it takes me about 5 minutes to find the dumb button that allows me to even MAKE a post!  haha!  Change is good (sometimes!), but why do they have to be so drastic about it and make it complicated?!?!  I imagine I'll figure it out, but for now... me no likey. :)